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Important Notice

All products within the PBX and IP Phones category have been declared EOL (End of Life).

Panasonic has decided to discontinue its current PBX and IP Phones operations effective December 2022. Factory support for bug fixes will remain available until December 2024. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Our IP-PBX offers a wide range of communication methods to propose business solutions. In addition, it provides optimal maintenance and stability to large-scale offices and enterprises with numerous branch offices.

Smart Hybrid PBX

Our Smart Hybrid PBX controls analogue and IP phones with a single PBX, ideal for shifting step-by-step into an IP environment for expanding business in branch offices.

Compact Hybrid IP-PBX

The Compact Hybrid IP-PBX provides highly versatile communication with a limited number of terminals and allows even small-scale offices to configure advanced IP networks. And you can continue to use your current legacy phones.

Analogue PBX

The analogue telephone system has taken telephone systems for small to mid-sized companies a giant leap forward, offering features seldom available in this category.

Single Line Telephone

These analogue handsets offer future-looking benefits and expandability.