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NT90-PC01 / (ios MAC) NT90-MC01 HD Video Conference Software Terminal (windows)

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Support standard H.323/VCS protocol, support H.264HP codec, support FHD 1080p/30 video conference; support integrated address book, and call record module.



* Support ITU-T H.323 standard protocol, with excellent compatibility.

* Support QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 720P, 1080P video resolution (the maximum video resolution of the soft terminal is the maximum supported resolution of the used USB camera).

* Support H.264, H.264HP video codec protocol, support G.711, G.722, OPUS and other audio codec protocols.

* Integrated address book, call record function module.

* Support common functions such as template switching and chairman control.

* No need for registration, enter the meeting number to join the corresponding meeting, and you can choose the meeting interactive mode or live broadcast mode.

* Support one-click meeting initiation on the terminal to quickly create a virtual meeting on the MCU and automatically join the meeting; support inviting venues to join the meeting on the terminal. The meeting supports functions such as electronic whiteboard, file sharing, electronic voting, and meeting sign-in.

* Support scheduling meetings on the terminal, select participants, set meeting password, chairman password, live broadcast password, meeting time, etc. After submission, the MCU will automatically hold a meeting according to the timetable. The meeting supports functions such as electronic whiteboard, file sharing, electronic voting, meeting sign-in.

* Support switching between live mode and meeting mode. The meeting mode supports functions such as electronic whiteboard, file sharing, electronic voting, and meeting sign-in.

* Support Auto split screen function, automatically select the appropriate layout according to the number of terminals joining the meeting and automatically turn on the screen; support Autofill function, select a fixed screen layout, and automatically open it on an idle window after the terminal joins the meeting.

* Support the annotation function of the auxiliary stream, and make real-time annotations on the auxiliary stream screen when sending/receiving the auxiliary stream; set three different pen thicknesses, five pen colors, and set annotation graphics such as circles, squares, arrows, and lines. When sending auxiliary stream, you can set whether to enable annotation permissions for participants to make comments together.

* Support meeting sign-in, electronic whiteboard, electronic voting, file sharing and other digital conference functions to meet the application requirements of remote training, teaching and other scenes.

* Support multi-screen layout, and a single screen supports simultaneous display of 25 channels.

* Support echo suppression function, providing a great user experience.

* Support voice priority, support Qos strategy.

* Installed on the PC computer of the windows system platform, it supports access to USB camera devices.

* Support text chat when watching live broadcast, support sending and receiving emoticons.

* Support setting the delay grade of live broadcast, including 3 options: smooth, moderate, and real-time.


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