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Product & Services



iPECS Cloud communications platform evolves with your business

The next step in the evolution of the business communication system, iPECS Cloud
enables you to integrate all your communication and collaboration tools

Communication Platform

Embrace the future of business communications

iPECS Cloud is the best-in-class UCaaS solution for the Cloud environment. iPECS Cloud provides agility, flexibility and simplicity on top of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s proven technology. Whatever your business size, future-proof your systems with scalable cloud solutions that allow your team to work from anywhere.

Phones & Devices

Powerful VoIP phone range to keep you connected

Connect your business phone system to the future with a full suite of feature-rich IP phones. All organizational needs are covered, with superb HD audio quality and easy use.

iPECS 1000i Series



Take teamwork to the next level with our suite of collaboration tools

Working together is working smarter. Collaboration tools connect your team, freeing them to share their strengths without fuss or additional admin.


Efficiency-boosting applications in the cloud

Choose from a rich suite of cloud apps to help you boost productivity, increase customer engagement and save time and cost.